Gavin Fleten

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It is with great sadness that we announce Gavin Fleten, 55, has passed away of an apparent heart attack.  Gavin was on his island adventure in Vieques, Puerto Rico. Gavin who lived every day to the fullest, was kind and generous.  Gavin truly lived the example of a servant’s heart and a genuine friend. [...]

Free Stock Photos Are Great for Blogging and Social Media

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For our website designs, we strive to include either actual client images or high quality, professional stock photos (usually from Shutterstock). But sometimes, the need for photos does not warrant actually paying for them.  Whether you're blogging or posting to social media, one of the most common little annoyances our clients deal with is [...]

Using SEO Services to Build Links the Natural Way

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This article kindly provided by Colby Hooley of, an industry leader in Enterprise Level SEO and Internet Marketing.  Connect with Colby on Google+.  Article reproduced with permission. There’s a right way and a wrong way to do search engine optimization. The right way will help brand your company as an expert in the industry [...]

Branding Pages for Companies on Twitter

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Twitter is becoming far more popular with enterprises as they see how it might be used to build relationships with potential customers. The exciting thing is that now Twitter is rolling out new branded pages, which can be a good feature for corporations. Doing so means that you have the ability to brand your organization [...]

How to Get the Best Web Design

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You are new in your business and want it to be discernible  on the Net. Doing so is your first time into doing this kind of business enterprise and you wish everything to be perfect particularly your very first Internet site. If you don’t perceive everything on computers or the Net, you may want to [...]

Three Good Reasons Why You Should Invest In Local Search Marketing For Your Business

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For smaller businesses it's usually much more advisable to target the local community, as this is where the majority of your customers can come from. Small business owners could be recommended to stay more local, as neighborhood customers if cared for well can transform into repeat business that is how you will make your money. [...]

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