It all started…

…in July 2009 with a $4 three-ring binder, a word document and a simple idea.  Small business owners were still waiting for the economy to hit rock bottom and advertising dollars were being zapped by lease payments and payroll.

Internet marketing was not a new idea, of course, but small business owners who were not already making the Internet work them could not envision starting in such an uncertain climate.

Small businesses needed an alternative – even if they were not sure precisely what it was.

Introducing the Optimized Local Search Service.  By creating and optimizing the various free online directory listings – including Google Local, Yahoo! Local, Superpages, Insiderpages, etc. –  a local business could reach new customers on a daily basis with only a minimal investment.

For a local business in a suburban market, the Optimized Local Search Service could provide a dramatic improvement in search engine exposure at the local level.

Fast forward to 2011…

January 1st, 2011 marked the creation of Optimized Local Search Services, LLC.  The new company developed from a strategic partnership between several marketing and sales gurus and a few courageous investors.

Almost overnight what was a rag-tag band of door to door salespeople turned into a full service small business Internet marketing and consulting firm – with substantially better tools at their disposal.

In 2017, we re-branded as The Optimized Marketing Group as our services continued to expand.  While the Optimized Local Search Service remains a critical component of our overall strategy for small business Internet marketing, we now offer a full suite of services ranging from website design and local search engine optimization and reputation management to business card design and printing.

Through select strategic partnerships, we can also provide promotional products, video production, website hosting and domain registration, DIY software tools and more.

Our Mission

We’re a local business serving exclusively local businesses. Internet marketing is not the exclusive realm of a secret geek society.  Our success – and that of our clients – rests in our ability to articulate the value of our services before, during and after a project.  If we cannot measure the progress of what we do, we simply will not do it.

Out-sourcing is a political issue…not a business plan.

We are proud that 100% of the work is completed in our local offices right here in the United States. Working with local businesses is our passion. We understand that the 29.6 million local and small business owners are critical to the fabric of this nation.

Our services will work for any local business who relies on local customers.  Contact us for a free phone consultation and learn how Optimized Local Search Services can help your business.

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