Even in this digital age, traditional forms of advertising are still successful methods to include in your marketing campaign, especially if your target market consists of people in your local community. Potential customers will notice your colorful, eye-catching ads and remember them as they go about their daily lives. Creative use of outdoor advertising can be a highly effective form of marketing.

Bus Stops

Advertisements placed on bus shelters or benches will appeal to the bus riders but can also be seen by other people walking by as well as drivers stopped at traffic lights. While waiting at the bus stop, riders will have plenty of time to look at the ads, read the message, and think about your business. Daily commuters will see the ads repeatedly and are sure to notice them. 

The cost of bus stop advertising is relatively low, and the exposure of your ad will be 24 hours a day. They are easy to customize for placement in different regions of the city or with niche audiences. Many transit companies also sell advertising space inside the buses.

Vehicle Advertising

Vehicle advertising can be simple or extravagant, ranging from your company name on your business vehicle to a large mobile billboard attached to the top of a car. These ads can raise awareness of your business and marketing campaign, especially in highly trafficked areas.

Vehicle wraps have become popular because of their convenience and adaptability. Vehicle wraps can be undone and updated with a new design later. Full and partial wraps are available and can be made to fit any vehicle.


Many municipalities sell advertising space on their lampposts, particularly in their downtown business areas or near attractions like schools, business parks, or tourist areas. These small-sized flags or banners can reach your target market where they live, shop, and work.

The ads can always be seen because the light from the lamppost illuminates them. They are visible 24 hours a day and can be seen many times by drivers, pedestrians, workers, and others in the area. These ads are cost-effective and can easily be changed for seasonal messages, special events, or promotions.

As you plan your next marketing campaign, don’t overlook outdoor advertising methods, especially as a way to get your message out to the people in your community. Well designed and strategically placed, outdoor ads can be successful ways to promote your business.

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