When it comes to marketing your business, you want to take advantage of every relevant strategy to get you the most exposure available. Entering the social media field or fighting for SEO are often effective, but difficult to maneuver when every other business is vying for the same thing. Here are a few marketing strategies that are often underappreciated and overlooked by many businesses!

SMS Marketing

According to Kenect, short message service (SMS) marketing is one of the most effective ways to communicate with your consumers, who are already on their phones for a significant portion of the day. Send updates, special deals and promotions, personalized advertisements for individual customers, or whatever advertisements will pull your consumers’ attention back to you consistently. Furthermore, SMS marketing opens opportunities for chatbot customer service, which allows customers to ask questions of your business and receive answers quickly and easily.

Offline Advertising

While screens are a great place to put your advertisements, don’t lose the benefits offline marketing can bring you. In fact, offline advertising is becoming less common and therefore increasingly effective! According to SignEffx Graphics, signs have many different functions for your business and can last for years when made right. Plus, they can be adapted to a variety of formats: billboards, posters, flyers, outdoor signage, etc. Word of mouth marketing is also one of the best ways you can express your reputation and spread your name, which you can do through networking events and partnerships with other businesses. Mail advertisements, radio, merchandise and more are all great ways to get your name out to the community.


Reading has become less and less appealing to consumers in terms of receiving information. It requires time and attention that, with today’s technological advances, is fleeting. So, rather than lay out the information in wordy content, Act! recommends using video. Infographics, short how-to’s, promotional videos, sponsorships and more can draw in attention better than most articles or posts. Videos that are colorful, energetic, fast-paced and entertaining will make consumers much more willing to pay attention! Investing in the labor and resources required to make visual content is far worth the return on attention from potential and current customers.

Using various marketing strategies will broaden the scope of your access and deepen the amount of attention customers give you. Research into your target market and what appeals to them, and there might be strategies you haven’t thought of. Try one or try them all and enjoy the success you find!

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