How to Get the Best Web Design

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You are new in your business and want it to be discernible  on the Net. Doing so is your first time into doing this kind of business enterprise and you wish everything to be perfect particularly your very first Internet site. If you don’t perceive everything on computers or the Net, you may want to [...]

Three Good Reasons Why You Should Invest In Local Search Marketing For Your Business

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For smaller businesses it's usually much more advisable to target the local community, as this is where the majority of your customers can come from. Small business owners could be recommended to stay more local, as neighborhood customers if cared for well can transform into repeat business that is how you will make your money. [...]

The Anatomy of a City-Specific Landing Page

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Client:  We're based in Lewisville and our site ranks great for our Lewisville keywords.  Flower Mound is only two miles away.  Why don't we rank there as well? Over simplified answer:  Because despite the sophistication of Google, the search engine is, at its fundamental level, a literal machine.  In fact, we'd argue that Google is [...]

Optimizing WordPress for Small Business: City-Specific Landing Pages

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For small business clients trying to expand beyond the city limits for their business, we'll often implement a landing page strategy whereby we create essentially city-specific "home" pages designed to target a specific keyword-city combo.  This video explains the process in detail. [youtube]

Supercharge Your Business Efficiently Via Local Search Marketing

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So, what exactly is Local search marketing? For those who are trying to increase their business with the use of local search marketing, but are not sure of how it'll benefit your business, here is how : Local search marketing offers a brilliant opportunity for small business owners, as studies show that shoppers are now reliant [...]

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