Backlinks are critical to any new website launchTalk to any Search Engine Optimization expert and they’ll tell you the key to good search engine rankings for a new website is a combination of content and backlinks. Unless you’re a prolific writer or have deep pockets for hiring one, content should grow over time as you add to your site either by blogging or adding white papers, products, services, etc.  Backlinks are far less organic in terms of growth.

So when you launch a new website, plug into the internet and get a last a small jump start on the process.

One effective way to announce to the Internet that you have a new website is to enter your website into a variety of Google-friendly website tracking websites.  Simply enter your domain name and you’re in the grid.

Here is a list of 15 quick and easy sites where you can submit your new website: is slightly different in that you actually populate your page with relevant content including contact info, logo, site summary, etc.

While the overall value of each individual backlink is limited in terms of pagerank, etc., the fifteen minute investment is well worth it when your site is less than 24 hours old.

Search Google for and you’ll see that five of these fifteen links show in the first three pages.  Not bad considering there are 1170 total links in the Google search results.

Good luck with your new website launch!

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