SSL, or Secure Socket Layer, is a protocol for securing data transmitted via the Internet.  SSL can protect both you and your users when sensitive information is entered via a browser ( including your login info!).  Over the years, we have worked with literally 100s of businesses and in 2016 we have seen a huge increase in requests to clean up website hacks (not everybody hosts their site with us, unfortunately).

If your website visitors enter any sensitive information into your website (forms, eCommerce, etc.), or if you login via a browser to administer your site, you need an SSL certificate.  If your website uses a popular website software platform (ie – Joomla, WordPress, etc.), you need an SSL certificate.  Popular platforms tend to be targeted more by hackers because, well, there are more targets available.

Recently, Google has indicated that SSL encryption is now a ranking factor for its search engine.  The impact for smaller sites is minimal, but we suspect the importance will only increase as Google pushes for a faster, more secure Internet – and rewards those who jump on board.

So, in a word, does your website need an SSL Certificate?  Yes.  The costs are nominal (or free with our Managed WordPress Hosting), so there is really no better method for protecting both your website and your visitors.