The Origin of Optimized Local Search Services

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My name is Paul Dumas and I am the founder of Optimized Local Search Services. I’m absurdly passionate about what we do. Often my enthusiasm is so profound that it elicits odd responses from our customers, salespeople and other innocent by-standers. More times than not the responses are articulated in the form of the question: [...]

Affordable Marketing Alternative to Small Businesses

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Paul Dumas summarized the appeal for the services: “The typical small business owner has neither the time nor inclination to properly take advantage of the local search venues available to them.” Optimized Local Search Services create comprehensive business profiles on top local search destinations where customers are already seeking information.  The Optimized Local Search Services [...]

The FABs of Optimized Local Search Services

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Advantages The Optimized Local Search Service works regardless of whether you have a company website or not. The local search destinations spend in excess of $50 million a year to ensure that their sites are featured prominently in organic search results – AND that customers use their services to find local businesses just like you. [...]

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