Social Media Made Simple

What if you could manage all of the most popular social media sites from one location? Post an update and it is automatically – and instantly – broadcast throughout your social network.

There’s even an app for that – and it’s free.

Automated Social Media is a free service that connects the most popular social media sites to enable automated broadcasting of updates.

It is designed for do-it-yourself, but the process is extremely time-consuming and there are some intricacies that are only learned with experience.

For instance, did you know that updates posted to Twitter will simply crop any portion that exceeds 140 characters – whereas connecting Facebook to Twitter will automatically reformat the post for proper formatting. Therefore, the best course of action is to connect to Facebook and then Facebook to Twitter.

By the way, we’re in no way affiliated with We don’t even know a human who works there – but we like their free service. And we’re good as setting stuff up.

The Ping.Blast Service

We’ll create social media profiles in the top social media networks and connect to a account so that you can save time while maximizing the impact of social media for your business.

It’s simply effective. And the one-time setup is only $299.

Upon receipt of payment, we will contact you to confirm relevant information.  You will receive an email or phone call within 24 hours of receipt.