How It Works

We’ll submit your business information to the top business directories.

Month 1: We submit your business information to the top 4 data aggregators –  Infogroup, Acxiom, Neustar and Factual.  The data aggregators reinforce the authority of the listings and also lead to the creation of dozens of additional tier 2 and 3 listings.  We also manually review the top 10 directories for accuracy and where necessary implement corrections or create new listings.

Month 2 and every month thereafter: We submit and claim fifteen (15) new directories every month.  Our database of 1000s of directories is prioritized both in terms of search impact as well as vertical markets.  We begin with the highest priority listings first and simply work down the list.

The accumulative result is the most comprehensive local search service currently available for under $100 a month. 

We provide monthly reporting via email.

If you have multiple locations, please contact us for packages.

What’s Included With Your Listings

  • Business Name
  • Address (physical addresses only – No POBs)
  • Phone
  • Website
  • Primary Business Categories (up to 5)
  • Keyword-rich company description
  • Facebook and Twitter links (when available)
  • Business Logo
  • Up to 4 additional photos
  • YouTube Video link (optional)
  • Business Hours (optional)
  • Payment Methods (optional)

Within 24 hours of signup, you will receive your baseline report showing where your business is currently listed.  The report is provided via a website URL and will be updated weekly and is available for review at any time.

Get Started Today and Get Listed Tomorrow!

Only $89 a month (plus tax) with a $149 setup fee (1st month is $238).

No long term contracts.

Cancel anytime.

Initial Setup and Reporting Provided within 1 Business Day.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you cancel your services, any listings created to-date will remain.  However, the more quality listings you have, the better your website and your Google+ local page will rank over time.

To cancel your service, please call or text us @ 214-906-7828 during regular business hours or submit a request via the form below.  Requests received AFTER your monthly renewal will be processed for the next month.  We cannot refund subscriptions already processed.

No, actually they are not.  Google will not call you.  Typically, these are companies that prey on unknowing small business owners and their pitch is terribly misleading in most cases.  My recommendation is that you do what we do when they call us about four times a week…hang up.
Google, in particular, has made it their mission to weed out businesses that do not have legitimate locations where customers can walk in.  Unfortunately, this discriminates against all of us who work from our car, home or a virtual office of some sort.  And Google does not care.

In recent years, Google has even started cracking down on any location that basically serves to host addresses for multiple businesses (i.e.- mailbox stores, virtual offices, etc.)

So what does all this mean?  We can build directories using any physical address, but we simply cannot guarantee that Google will accept the address. And even if initially approved – we cannot guarantee that the Google+ listing will remain active.

Home addresses tend to work well, but please consider the repercussions of having a random customer knock on your door once in a while.

While some listings do allow you to hide the street address, our service does not filter listings to do or do not.  With our service, your full address WILL be published.
If your business has experienced a name, address, phone or website change then you likely have incorrect listings out there.  Our service WILL correct information as it goes. However, if you need a specific audit of your current listings and a targeted “correction” campaign, please contact us for a customized approach.
Where possible, yes, the verification process is seamless.  However, there are a select few listings that require verification via phone or mail.  In these instances, we will communicate with you to facilitate this process to ensure verification.