A Few Myths About Local Search

  • A business can rank for searches in other cities – NO. Unless your business is in an incredibly small niche, a Google Places listing will typically NOT show up outside of the city contained in the business address.
  • A business can rank in additional cities by building duplicate listings with a non brick and mortar address – NO.  This is the oldest trick in the book and our friends at Google and Yahoo! have gotten incredibly sophisticated in their ability to root out suspect addresses.  Your listing may show for a short time, but in our experience it will ultimate be suspended. We do not guarantee our services if your address is not legitimately used for your business.
  • A business can rank for different categories / keywords by using duplicate listings – NO. Google, in particular, will not allow duplicate listings using the same phone number and address.  In some instances, it will not allow any duplicate listings using the same phone number regardless of the addresses used.  We require a unique phone number and address for each submission using our services so as to maintain the quality and acceptance of our submissions.