Throughout these last few years, there has been a shift of focus from large corporations to small businesses. People want to shop local. The issue is most small businesses have a difficult time marketing themselves in a way that can attract more customers. This can be resolved by understanding your local market.

Try New Things

If what you are doing currently to attract customers is not working, it may be time to switch up your current tactics. If the fish are not biting, cast your line somewhere new. This could mean that you should sell new products or services in addition to what you sold before. You could also market in new ways, like going to farmers’ markets or putting an advertisement on the local radio. If as the business owner, you have always been behind the scenes when it comes to marketing campaigns, try becoming the face of your business. People respond better when they can put a human face with the company.

Go Where the People Are

Chances are that those locals who you are trying to reach consume some form of media or social media daily. Instead of spending your money on newspaper ad space, move your marketing to mediums where your customers will see it. Nextdoor currently has 74 percent homeowners as their userbase, making them a great place to reach out to local customers. Television and social media groups are also great examples of places where you can reach your desired audience. People will then also be able to review and recommend your business directly to their neighbors, broadening your customer base.

Ask the Locals

No one knows the local people better than the locals themselves. Customer feedback is vital to company growth. Feedback helps you know what your company is doing right and adjust those things that you could improve on. Online reviews are also a great way to increase your rankings locally as well as add more credibility to your business. In many cases, customers trust local reviews more than anything else. You can ask your regular customers to share their experiences on social media. Another great option could be to gather a representative group of your local area and ask them for direct suggestions on how you can reach out to different markets better.  

Your business has great potential to become a local hotspot. When you get to know the locals better, you are more equipped to create marketing strategies directly for them. Just remember, your future customers want to support you, but they must know you first.

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