So, what exactly is Local search marketing? For those who are trying to increase their business with the use of local search marketing, but are not sure of how it’ll benefit your business, here is how :

Local search marketing offers a brilliant opportunity for small business owners, as studies show that shoppers are now reliant on using the web instead of offline marketing tools. Businesses can increase their sales substantially with the use of Local Search Marketing. It is a brilliant approach to implement, enabling an increase in the traffic you receive to your website whilst also offering an effective method of getting ahead of your competition. It operates in a straight forward method where web users search for local services, this results in a list of location based results in their browser. This permits local users to find local services faster and more efficiently than ever before. 

If you’d like to benefit from Local search marketing, then make sure to search local search marketing company To grasp the processes further, or why don’t you just make contact with an Search engine optimisation company to complete the work for you. For March this year, there was a documented 14 billion searches via the search engine Google, of which 3 billion were local searches. This is where Local Search Marketing takes place. For anybody who isn’t sure how to use Local search Marketing, it is straightforward. When a user types in a local search within their browser, such as ‘Basildon Hairdressers’, businesses within Basildon will appear.

If you want your company to benefit from local searches, you should claim your Google Places Page, otherwise known as your Local Business Listing, which get viewed by millions of people every day. Google places SEO also play an essential part in marketing your business successfully. When considering that 97% of Online users acquire shopping information online and that 73% of activity on the internet is related to local content it’s worth investing some time and money into marketing approaches to improve your business, be it Local Search, Google Places SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Facebook Marketing, Pay Per Click or Local Pay Per Click.

Something to bear in mind is that Local search marketing is still as effective if your business is offline as surveys show 70% of online searches use local search to locate offline businesses. Bear in mind the usage of the mobile internet market is three times as big as the usual internet market, it’s crucial that your business is located online, this way you can gain further custom. Also when users are searching on mobile devices the search results are based on the users current GPS, so if your business is not listed in the local search results users won’t even know your business exists.