There are a million ways to build incoming links but sadly, some link builders don’t know a lot about how to link build the right way.  To avoid this time-waster, here are common link building mistakes that you should be aware of when link building a Utah MLS Listings website:

Too many links

A link builder’s goal is to surpass the competitor only by a minimum of 5 percent links.  Achieving a high number of links especially if you don’t have any idea on the strength of the competitor website is a simple, yet common mistake in link building.  Make sure that you link your website to related and high PR websites to ensure that you are not just wasting your time.

Forgetting the internal pages

You don’t have to link only to homepages but also to the internal pages of Alaska Homes website.  Linking to internal pages has a lot of benefits – you website is being ranked for a large number of keywords, increase in traffic and visitors will profit from the valuable information in the inner pages.

Dependence on only one strategy

There are link building strategies available to all builders to ensure that their websites are in the right track towards being in the first page.  Visitors judge a website’s authority based on its PR or page rank.  On the other hand, the authority of a website determines its quality.

Use of one keyword only

If you are planning to link in 100 websites, make sure that you are also using different keyword variations.  A very important strategy in increasing traffic is the use of different keyword variations which means you’re not only using the primary keywords found in your homepage, but also the secondary keywords found in the internal pages of your website.  Secondary keywords like your website name, keywords in the internal pages, your products and services will more likely increase the traffic in some of your internal pages and will also lead people to look deeper into your website.

Link builders, webmasters, and bloggers have been flooded with different link building strategies that they have become so lost with which to use. Perhaps it’s high time to go back to basics and examine the central idea of link building to get people to link to your Oshkosh Wisconsin homes website and to get traffic of course.