How-To: Disable Purchasing in WP-ecommerce

How-To: Disable Purchasing in WP-ecommerce

Literally the gold standard for e-Commerce on the WordPress platform is the WP-eCommerce plugin by  The plugin, including optional upgrades, is an incredibly powerful tool that is simple to use and quick to implement. 

However, some aspects of the interface are less than intuitive – including how to temporaily turn off purchasing without disabling the entire plugin and messing with the structure and functionality of the website in total.  The latest updates to the plugin make it simpler.

Step-by-Step Guide to Temporarily Disabling Purchasing in the WP-eCommerce Store

Disable Purchasing in WP-ecommerceLog into your WordPress dashboard. 

Click on “Store” in the “Settings” section of the Dashboard Navigation.

In the “Store Settings”, click on the second tab – “Presentation”. 

Under “Button Settings” change the “Hide Add to cart button” to YES.

If you’re using the Grid View, make sure that the check box for “Display Add to Cart Button” is OFF. 

Click the “Update” button at the bottom to save the changes and “PRESTO!” your site is no longer accepting online orders. 

Reverse the process to re-enable purchasing. 

Disable Purchasing in WP-ecommerce

Disable Purchasing in WP-ecommerce

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