facebook dedicated urlsThe social nature of Facebook allows a small business owner to interact with their community and customer base in a non-obtrusive and effective way.  Many business owners report to us that Facebook allows them to add a “face” or “personal touch” to their marketing efforts because behind every logo is an individual member that is accessible (within reason).

In response to the growing trend of Facebook business pages, Facebook is making it easier for companies to use their pages effectively.

Once a Facebook Business page has 25 fans you qualify for a dedicated short URL (i.e.- www.facebook.com/CNN).

To create a direct URL, visit: http://www.facebook.com/username/

The direct URL can be put on business cards, brochures, websites and more to attract fans.

We have created a new Facebook business page designed to serve as a forum for everyone to share their ideas.  In addition, we will post periodically pertinent things that we encounter as we all traverse the ever-changing, ever-crowded Internet.

Please become a fan: http://www.Facebook.com/OptimizedLocalSearch

If you become a fan, feel free to post a link to your own Facebook business page or anything else that moves you.