The Optimized Local Search Service works regardless of whether you have a company website or not.

The local search destinations spend in excess of $50 million a year to ensure that their sites are featured prominently in organic search results – AND that customers use their services to find local businesses just like you.

Our service provides up to 5x more exposure for businesses than a print phone book.


At a minimum, 50~75 unique local customers will view your business every day – over 350 a week – over 18,200 a year. The average conversion rate (the rate at which a “view” converts into a customer calling or visiting a business) is 1~3% in organic search. At a minimum, our service results in an average of 182 new customer contacts a year for each business.

Based on the minimum projections, the cost of our service is about a penny per customer view over the first 12 months and about $1.09 per customer that actually contacts your business. And the service continues to work for you on a continuous, permanent basis year after year.

The average cost of a pay-per-click campaign is $2.75 per click with less than 10% (some sources claim 5%) of the clicks leading to a customer contact. To have 182 customers contact your business via a PPC campaign, you can expect to pay in excess of $5000 on average.

Our service is a one-time setup. No pay-per-click. No renewals. EVER.

The majority of businesses recoup their investment in our service within the first 30 days.

* Statistics assume a business signs up for the level of service appropriate for their industry and city size.